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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Welcome to my new Blog!

Hi Everyone! I've just started this blog as a fun way to discuss things I love... beauty products, recipes, and fun and/or interesting news stories.

If you're like me, I hate wasting money, time, or calories. :) That being said I love shopping, vacationing, and eating. I just like to do it well.

I think this could be a useful tool for all us hard working women who want to be fabulous while making our dreams come true. :) So for each blog, I'll tell you about my new favorite beauty product, I'll try to give you a new recipe, and I'll try to show you something unique, funny, or interesting. :)

And I'd love it if my readers contribute too! Feel free to send me your favorite sinfully delicious or healthy and delicious recipes! Let me know which beauty products (make up, hair, skin products) you are loving! And if there's something you think is awesome, ridiculous, or just important to bring attention to... I want to know about it! My email is :)

Here's to Blogging!

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