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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Hi Everyone! My new job has kept me very busy lately which has kept me away from this blog. But, during that time I've made some incredible beauty discoveries! 

1. Sensationail At Home Gel Manicure! Just tried it today, so I can't vouch for how long it lasts. I'll write in two weeks and let you know. But, so far, so so so good!!! My manicure is shiny and was dry after the final curing just like salon Shellac! It's easy to do and looks great. 

It's $59.99 for the starter set and that set only comes with either red or raspberry. It also has the LED light you need to cure the gel manicure. 
I tend to like lighter colors for my gel manicure so the growth isn't as noticeable. So, I bought the pink chiffon color as well (12 dollars). Love it! 

My only complaint was that the box says you can get 10 manicures out of the starter kit. The polish bottles and gel cleanser are both very small and the replacement still costs about 30 dollars. I used CVS coupons to get mine which saved me a ton. I suggest hoarding those extra bucks and splurging on the starter set. 

BONUS TIP:  Buy the salon quality Shellac cleanser and polish, OPI Gel polish, or Gelish polish online and use the Sensationail LED light to cure them. You'll have more color selection and get bigger bottles. 

2. Maybelline Illegal Length Mascara! My new obsession in the mascara department. It gives me the fake lash look without the fake lash price or pain. I've tried nearly every mascara from the steal brands to the splurges and this one takes the cake. Believe me, you'll feel like a bombshell with one swipe! Ok, maybe a few.... I like a dramatic lash. :) 

3. Fresh Lotus Eye Gel! This is my saving grace for my new 12:30am wake up calls. I apply it before my moisturizer before I put on my make up. It wakes me up nearly as well as my amp I drink during the news. It reduces the puffiness in my eyes and makes applying make up to the eye region easier. Plus, it smells like cucumber which is energizing yet calming in the morning. 

4. Fresh Soy Face Cleanser! It's a classic already at Sephora.... and for good reason. This stuff is like a facial in a bottle. It's gentle enough but really gets all your make up off. It smells and feels so luxurious (as it should for the price tag). Couple this with the clarasonic facial brush and it's a match made in skin care heaven! 

5. SATIN BONNET! My hair has been put through the ringer since I started anchoring five days a week. The daily blow drying plus highlights were literally making it break. That's when my amazing hair dresser suggested a satin pillowcase or bonnet. I bought both. It's made all the difference. My poor fiancĂ© knows I move around at night like a tumbleweed. That means my bed head is not salvageable by the next day. With the satin bonnet, I can get an extra day from my blow dry. It keeps my hair from breaking at night and it keeps it from getting tangled or crimped. I just "refluff" in the morning and I'm ready to go. That means an extra 45 minutes of sleep, which in my world is a big deal. And luckily my fiancĂ© doesn't mind that I look ridiculous as night! 
6. MIZANI H20 INTENSE STRENGTHENING NIGHT TIME TREATMENT! As if this bonnet wasn't sexy enough, once a week I've been sleeping with a deep conditioner in my hair. This one does the trick. I wash my hair, towel dry it, lather it up, tie it in a top knot, put a conditioning cap on it, then my turbie twist, then go to bed. Next morning, I wash it out and wash and condition normally. My hair feels so much stronger after blow drying. My ends look so much better and it's been a full six weeks since my last hair cut. Usually, at this point, I'm doing everything I can to not beg Neil to take me earlier. It's been a life saver. 

There they are, my newest collection of must have products. Now, my bonnet and I have to go to sleep. Night!